Why they did it . . . duh!

For the past week, MSNBC and Rachel Maddow have been hyping a new documentary they claimed would tell the American people why the United States entered into the Iraq war. It aired and ended just a few minutes ago. The earth shaking expose came up with a totally unexpected reason . . . oil. Really. After an hour presentation of declassified documents and interviews with the usual suspects, the earth shaking revelation is we started the Iraq war because we wanted the Iraqi’s oil.
My first reaction was, “Is that all you got?”
Everyone with a scintilla of wit and wisdom knew this from the get go. Paul Paul Wolfewitz, Cheney’s second in command, admitted in an interview in Singapore shortly after the fact that this was true.
“Asked why a nuclear power such as North Korea was being treated differently from Iraq, where hardly any weapons of mass destruction had been found, the deputy defense minister said: “Let’s look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. The country swims on a sea of oil.” http://www.opendemocracy.net/u_s_admits_iraq_was_about_oil_0
My first year college composition students can do better than this. What were they thinking?

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