Living Large in Carson City: Gone and forgotten: Fred who?

Fred Phelps, Sr. of the  Westboro Church and hate-filled ministry is dead. Here is my post I made on Facebook asking for readers’ thoughts on his death:

“Phelps was a misguided man who saw evil where it did not exist, profanity were none was intended, and most of all, he kept his own counsel, which precluded rational thought and empathy for his fellow human beings. His actions caused pain and harm when love and sympathy were most needed for those who did not follow his egomaniacal path to what he saw as righteousness. How should he be eulogized? Leaving his death unremarked upon seems most fitting. In a week no one will remember the name Fred Phelps which is probably the kindest thing that can be said of him.”

While I would like to believe that with Phelps passing the wacko religious element of the world will lie down and take a break and give sane, rational people a respite, yet, I know it isn’t true, and sure as the sun rises in the east, some other yahoo will jump into the breach to take his place. And so it goes . . .

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