Watching moderate Republicans living large . . . for now

Oh the outrage. The sheer effrontery when people speak out in a sane and humane manner. The Nevada state Republican Party voted earlier this week to drop from its state platform two controversial, and normally, conservative stances consistently held by the national party over the years. Here is coverage of the convention delegates’ actions by the Huffington Post

“Nevada Republicans voted to exclude language opposing abortions and same-sex marriage from the state’s Republican Party platform during their annual convention in Las Vegas on Saturday, according to The Associated Press.” 

The article goes on to state that many Republicans see these two issues as divisive both inside and outside the party. 

These Republicans are obviously moderates who look at what’s going on in the Republican Party as misguided and destructive to their future longevity as a viable national political force. They see little hope of governing, much less achieving their agenda if the more conservative base doesn’t get with the program. This must be a bitter pill for the wackos of the Tea Party who have essentially high jacked the party over the past few years. 

Yet, Democrats must be on high alert, well, moderately low alert really since the state party is merely trying to save face, or their butts, going into the 2014 elections. Moderates of the Republican Party know that the base is governed by Tea Party extremists who really run the show. In the end even the moderates will buckle under the will of the Tea Party. 

As a progressive, it is hard to see the party of Lincoln dip so low. Yet, gay’s right to marry and a woman’s right to control her body are undeniable rights that only short sighted and fearful people would try to deny.

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