Living Large Watching Ted Cruz Take a Lickin’ . . . by his own kind, no less


Image from the Huffington Post

In regard to my previous post about Ted Cruz’s wildly false accusations that the Dems would try to repeal the First Amendment last week, here is what some Texas voters and an Internet site had to say about the fibber Cruz:

John Coby

And here:

Right Wing Watch

Cruz may think that no one actually listens to what he has to say. For the most part, this  is probably true except for a select few Tea Party diehards. However, most people of this ilk are smart enough to understand that statements like the ones Cruz made about this issue, not only harm their cause, but sadly, make them look like supporters of buffoons with little relevance on the national political playing field. 

If past performance is any indication (Politifact), this isn’t the end of Cruz’s outlandish statements. With a dearth of ideas, his only hope is to grasp at straws by making idiotic statements to call attention to himself. This probably worked for him in grade school, but it’s time he grew up and shut up or start telling the truth. 

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