Living Large in Carson City: Perry for president? Please let it be so edition

The Daily Kos ran a story summation of an Austin American Statesman article on events that happen earlier this week. The upshot of the AAS article detailed the “pettiness” of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s response to President Obama’s request for a quick meet and greet on the tarmac of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport when the president flies into Austin to attend fundraising events and give a couple of speeches. Perry’s office responded that a “handshake” moment wouldn’t be time enough to really address the serious problems going on at the Texas border with waves of young children currently flowing into the state. He did offer to “rearrange” his schedule to meet with Obama anytime during the president’s trip to the Lone Star state.

Why do Republicans underestimate this president? Obama’s staff was quick to respond saying they would be delighted to set up a more “substantive” meeting at Governor OOOP’s convenience. This set in motion a scrambling two-step in Perry’s office trying to figure out what to do next. Meeting with the president is certainly something Perry never thought would happen. As the Kos article notes, whether or not Perry will hold up his end of the bargain is still up in the air.

What makes the Kos article so interesting and alluring is the title: Rick Perry announces 2016 campaign. While Perry didn’t actually “announce” his intention to run for president, the article’s author, Jed Lewison, sees in Perry’s actions a man setting in place his “intention” to run by trying to gain street cred by standing up to the president (in his little feverish Tea Party brain) by rudely rejecting a request by his Commander in Chief. Obama effectively dealt with that charade by calling Perry’s bluff. Perry now has to decide to live up to his end of the bargain or come off as the embodiment of the Texas saying, “All hat and no cattle”. It will be interesting to see if Perry cowboys up or turns and runs with his tail between his legs back to his wacked out base where is babbling egotistical rhetoric is welcome.

Stop for a second and think of what a Perry presidential run would mean. It would almost make one belief in the existence of a god, alive and well on his throne, who actually has a sense of humor. With Mittens Romney’s camp already making rumblings sounds of his possible candidacy, the opportunity of another “perfect storm” Republican debate season is the thing of Democrats and Jon Stewart’s political wet dreams. Add to the mix, the obvious candidacy of Rick “man on dog” Santorum, Howdy Doody lookalike, Rand Paul, and the dark horse, dynasty mongrel, Jed Bush, and voters can almost forget Herman Cain and Paul’s dad, what’s his name, and the Newt.

However, the vacuum of the also rans will surely be filled by that darling of the Tea Partiers, Ted Cruz. Cruz, alone, will jack up the political absurdity to astronomical heights simply by walking stage. What would a debate with this coven of wingnuts look like in the end? Zeus only knows, but it is certainly one I would love to see happen in my lifetime.

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