Living Large in Carson City: You Can’t Make This Shit Up Edition

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Over the past week, I’ve started and rejected two posts. Events in Trump world are occurring so fast that by the time I got half way through either post, the political landscape under The Donald’s watch changed so drastically my original intention for the posts became irrelevant. The “putting together” of his presidential cabinet has been nothing short of astounding. The bad news is that even though he “looked” at a lot of prospects the final choice has been the worst case scenario every time.

Today, America found out that Trump chose Rex W. Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil, as his choice for Secretary of State. (Sorry Mitt, your hypocrisy aside, you’ve been fired.) Leaving aside Tillerson’s “bromance” with the fascist dictator, Vladimir Putin, how can someone at this level of commerce be expected to set aside his financial obligations and morph into a statesman with America’s best interests at heart? Can anyone believe that he will be a fair and impartial voice in an already unfair and decidedly partial administration? Hell, Trump is awash in his own conflicts of interest to the point there is no difference between the Oval Office and the Apprentice boardroom.

On the heels of the Tillerson nomination, the more frightening news was Mad Dog John Bolton got tapped for the Assistant Secretary of State position. Bolton is universally thought to be a wack job who sees things through his own private lens of insanity. His default position on Iran is to bomb the hell out of them and the sooner the better. The job he will assume is no cushy vanity appointment, but one of dealing with the day to day operations of the State department and all that entails. We saw this same thing a couple of weeks ago with the appointment of the inexperienced and unseasoned Fox news commentator K. T. McFarland as assistant National Security adviser. While Tillerson will be the “face” of United States diplomacy, Bolton will be the grunt who weighs information that his highness the Great Orange One will see each morning (if he ever takes intelligence briefings which certainly isn’t a given at the moment.)

Bolton has sat on the board of the group called the Project for a New American Century that was instrumental in selling the bogus Iraq war to the American people under George W. Bush’s reign. The group boasts a rarefied roster of militant wackos including W, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and William Kristol and many others. These are seriously flawed individuals whose thirst for oil and the blood of other people’s children is the thing of legend. Bolton’s appointment to the assistant secretary role should be seen as an affront to all Americans whether or not they voted for Trump or not.

Then today, Trump not only laid down in the swamp mud but engaged in an extended wallowing dance of lunacy. His choice for secretary of the Department of Energy is . . . I have a hard time writing these words. His choice is none other than Rick Perry. Yes, that Rick Perry. The former governor of Texas and famous “oops” moment presidential candidate back in 2012 that sunk him and his funny, if ill-fated run for president. The “oops” moment came when he was listing the federal departments he would eliminate if elected. The one he forgot prompting the “oops” moment? The Department of Energy, of course. One has to wonder if this isn’t a artfully staged poke in the eye of progressives around the country by The Donald?

Naaa, Trump isn’t that clever.