Living Large in Carson City: Will it ever end? Edition

Crazy days. Ashley Parker summed up the American dilemma nicely in her Washington Post article, “The month of January felt like a year and the pilot episode for the 12-part series to come”. She wrote:

The Debrief: An occasional series offering a reporter’s insights

President Trump delivers the State of the Union address on Tuesday. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)
 January 31 at 8:17 PM 
And on the 31st day of January, the news gods gave us: a train crash involving Republican lawmakers, the unexpected retirement of a powerful House chairman, dropped federal corruption charges against a sitting Democratic senator, the resignation of a top federal health official amid reports she purchased tobacco stock, and an FBI statement expressing “grave concerns” with President Trump’s expected decision to allow the release of a controversial classified memo slamming the agency.And that was just the first half of the day.   WAPO                                                                
          There has been much talk in the media that Americans may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the onslaught of media coverage of the circus that has become the Trump administration’s modus operandi. The constant lying, the ungodly onslaught of one crisis after another and the complicity that the Republican Party seems willing to stoop to in defense of their tainted standard bearer is shameful and pitifully obtuse on their part. People long ago stopped asking where is the Republican moral outrage and outright disgust that normally sane people experience when the Donald opens his mouth, or rather, tweets his trash talk and innuendos about real and imagined detractors of his presidency. They are the enablers of this president, and for what gains, one has to ask.
        Trump sticker shock is real and growing everyday as the president continues his twisted and silly dance of innocence. It is hard not to feel a depressing sense of doom and gloom when he and his minions work ever day to dismantle the true gains the country made under Obama (and Bush) in regard to education, clean air and water, the environment, global climate change, trade and a whole host of other fronts. Despite his flaws, Obama’s accomplishments makes Trump look like Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson and Larry Nassar rolled into one tight little package of corruption, hypocrisy and unpatriotic hoopla.
         Then there is the Russia thing. It is baffling how Trump can dismiss out of hand the growing evidence that seems to have no end in sight that demonstrates, yes, indeed, he and his political organization, family and friends were in in bed  with the Russians in his winning the presidency. How far is still an unanswered question. Special Prosecutor Mueller has his hands full just trying to keep up with Trump’s antics that resemble a man in a hole who cannot stop digging.
         And it is only February.

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