Living Large in Carson City: A. He’s a convicted criminal, B. A scoff law, C. Racist, D. All the Above Edition

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Arapio KKK  

What’s up with Douglas County? Over the weekend, the Douglas County Republican Central Committee hosted convicted felon and dubious Arizona senate candidate Joe Arpaio as the main speaker for their Lincoln Reagan Dinner and Fund Raiser. Sheriff “make em’ wear pink panties” Joe, seems on the surface as an odd choice for the “law and order party” of Douglas County Republicans. Convicted of racial profiling, “Carry ’em High and Proud” Arapio was pardoned by Trump under controversy shortly after Trump took office. A factor that may play heavily into Arapio’s obsequiousness support of the equally morally and ethically challenged president.

What seems offensive by most law abiding Americans seems to be the perfect resume for Douglas County Republicans. His abusive style of law enforcement, a throw back to early 20th century tactics in the American south and racists views on immigration, endeared him to those present at the fund raiser this weekend.

Politics truly does make for strange bed fellows.




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