Living Large In Carson City: He Said What? Edition

Trump Channels Rocket Man

The Guardian

This is a short excerpt from a much longer White House lawn interview with Steve Dofus of Fox News. In the beginning of this abbreviated clip, Trump makes several absurd claims about Kim Jong Un and goes so far as to compare Kim with his own style of leadership. Or possibly, it’s bro worship which is just as chilling. The text below begins at .12 into the sound clip:

He’s the head of the country — and he’s the strong head, don’t let anyone think anything different,” Trump said during the interview. He speaks and his people sit up in attention. I want my people to do the same.

Several questions come to mind. First, does Trump understand that Kim being “the strong head” of his country reference comes from an evil subversion of the North Korean people’s human rights? Junior stole plays from his dad and granddad’s playbook and ratcheted them up to even greater depths of suppression of his people. Maya Salam and Matthew Haag of the New York Times lists Kim’s crimes. They aren’t pretty:

A network of prison guglags

Deliberate starvation as a power play (both the populace and the average citizen on the streets

Kim’s enemies and family have been executed



An all encompassing indoctrination machine


Christianity is deemed a serious threat  NYT

Trump is more than happy to overlook these discrepancies when it gets in the way of his dreams of absolute, kingly power he desperately wants to attain. The man seems unable to understand that praising one of the world’s most brutal dictators is something not done in polite society, especially with Dofus holding the mike and filming his every word. Okay, so we know Trump is ethically challenged and dreams of becoming the despot he so longs to become.

These allegations are old news. Anyone who is paying attention will know Kim is a bad boy of the East, but then the Orange One makes the statement (see video above),

He speaks and his people sit up in attention. I want my people to do the same.

I take exception. Is he speaking of the people he employs in the White House? Is  he speaking to his basket of deplorables? Probably not on that one, they already give him unquestioned devotion. Or, and I think this is where the whole scenario twists off into the Twilight Zone, is he talking about all Americans? More importantly, you and me? I for one do not count myself as one of his “people”. Most Americans don’t, but the shear audacity of his claim that he wants the rest of us to sit up and pay attention to his every word is at once disturbing and more than a little frightening.

The rest of the interview is worth a watch. In it Trump claims that when he took office America was on the verge of war. Not because of him, he states, but . . . wait for it . . . of Barack Obama. In his mind he is the great equalizer. He and Kim swapped phone numbers, so all is right and holy in the world. It isn’t and won’t be until he and his quackery ilk are run out of the White House for good.

The last part of Trump’s ravings are interesting and worth the watch to hear and see the two female journalist who are simply not having any of Trump’s bullshit. They repeatedly  interrupt him asking for clarification of his statements. He even calls one obnoxious in an aside to another reporter on his right. This is the best way to expose Trump and his lies. However, corporate news seems incapable of doing that on a regular basis. Still, the two women journalists mentioned above seem to have little fear or problems in calling him out. They are the heroes we need.

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