Living Large In Carson City: Trump’s Nation: Tears, Broken Lives And Families Torn Asunder Edition

America the Beautiful: Wherefore Art Thou?

Earlier today, I found myself longing for the good old days (last week) when all that happened was Trump acting like an ass at the G-7 summit and preening like a gobsmacked peacock high on MDA at the hastily arranged and totally fruitless Singapore meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. It’s been that kind of week.

This week images of children torn from their mother and father’s arms, forced into cages and left with an uncertain future is all the rage on cable television. Most Americans, a whopping sixty-seven percent, find the images heartbreaking and totally misaligned with what America represents in their minds. Trump’s position is that he is only doing what he has to do to protect the United States because . . . wait for it . . . the evil Democrats will not fix the loopholes that exist in current law that is forcing him to wage war on hapless migrants and asylum seeks on the Texas border. The fact that no law exists doesn’t seem to bother El Orange One.

In the land of the sane and the honest, the current border crisis is the result of Trump’s own policy decision implemented by his Attorney General Jeff Sessions and planned by senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.  Today, under pressure from world humanitarian groups, foreign leaders, Democrats and his own party, to say nothing about the two-third majority of the American voting public, Trump signaled he would be open to ending the separation policy but to what degree and how far he would go the

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