Living Large In Carson City: Fear The Party That Has No Conscience Edition

Do not go gentle into that good night.
                                          Rage, rage against the dying of the light.                                                                                                                      Dylan Thomas

It brings me no pleasure railing against Donald Trump week after week. Often, I find myself sounding like a tweaked out conspiracy theorist which brings little joy to me or my friends. Yet, how can anyone watch the events of the day play out on the television screen and not feel something is wrong and pushing America off the rails into unknown territory. Of course, our Forefathers hoped desperately to help us avoid such a fate but not even they in their wisdom could have envisioned Donald J. Trump.

I could talk about the latest political faux pas pertaining to the Roger Stone case, Bill Barr’s meddling, and Trump’s complicity. Or the latest round of pardons for criminals of the past that Trump seems to delight in granting. Or the appointment of a man who has been characterized as divisive, unintelligent, abrasive, and contentious who has no history in the United States intelligence service being named to head all seventeen spy agencies. Or Mike Pompeo’s abrasive demeanor requiring the swearing in of a new deputy secretary of state to calm the waters at State due to a near “toxic situation” created by Pompeo’s less than camaraderie inducing style. But honestly, most people don’t care or can even be bothered with the shenanigans being pulled off by Trump and his merry band of  anarchists.

On a different note, for years I’ve heard and subscribed to the “idea” that there is no difference between the two major parties. Basically, the goals are the same with different means of achieving the same ends, none of which, favor the little guy. Honestly, I always held back a little hope that the Democrats weren’t as bad as the Republicans in promoting a message that was less than just. Bernie Sanders has changed all of my thinking on this topic.

It is a surprise to see people who are normally sane and centered suddenly getting on the bandwagon with the sole goal of tearing the Vermont Senator down. Sure, he is the front runner, but party unity should trump overzealous condemnation of fellow Democrats. Young people see through this and have spoken with their vote. However, after the last debate, MSNBC seemingly lost its mind when it allowed James Carville, Chris Matthews, and regrettably, Joy Reid, to openly trash Sanders as if he was Putin incarnate come to our shores to spread lies and deceit across the land. Carville and Matthews’ reaction is understandable. Both are longtime party hacks with little in their quivers other than hyperbole and angst. Reid, however, was especially disappointing. She stated,

“He is presenting what he is doing as a hostile takeover, not a merger with the party that he caucuses with in the Senate,” Reid said during a discussion with DNC chair Tom Perez.

She added, “He is … essentially sort of kicking to the curb 65 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton, Obama Democrats, people who consider themselves lifelong Democrats.” Politicusa

How can a candidate win nearly 50 percent of the vote in Nevada be involved in a “hostile takeover” unless she meant that the voters in Nevada were somehow trying to undermine the democratic process. More importantly, what does the 65 million voters that voted for Clinton (Obama Democrats) have to with anything. Reid, who is relatively new on the national news scene, will learn quickly that a person or party is only as relevant as the last election they won. In this case the 2018 midterms were the last “win” the Democrats enjoyed, not Hillary’s loss to Donald Trump. In fact, a case could be made that because of her loss to Trump Democrats saw the need for a realignment to ensure they stood up to the Republicans and not waste time on looking back at a failed election.

The reality is that MSNBC is only part of a much larger problem, and that is of course, corporate media. Corporate media doesn’t necessarily subscribe to the idea that a free and unbiased press is the best thing for democracy. The problem is in the term “corporate” which feeds on wealth and power. For corporate media to survive, it needs a lot of money; money on a massive scale. When unvarnished coverage of the news runs headlong into the will of corporate executives, it doesn’t take a mental giant to figure out who wins.

In the case of Sanders, the Democratic Party, corporate media, and all corporate powers fear the idea of him even coming close to getting the nomination. Not the office, mind you, but the nomination at all. Sanders internet pages on how he stands on issues are impressive. One particular issue is enough to highlight here:

Get Corporate Money Out of Politics

  • Ban all corporate contributions to the Democratic Party Convention and all related committees, and as President he would ban all corporate donations for inaugural events and cap individual donations at $500.
  • Abolish the now-worthless FEC and replace it with the Federal Election Administration, a true law enforcement agency originally proposed by former Senators John McCain and Russ Feingold.
  • Enacting mandatory public financing laws for all federal elections.
  • Updating and strengthen the Federal Election Campaign Act to return to a system of mandatory public funding for National Party Conventions.
  • Passing a Constitutional Amendment that makes clear that money is not speech and corporations are not people. Bernie Issues

It is little wonder corporate media is so harshly against Sanders as the frontrunner in the ongoing nomination process. The issue isn’t whether you support Sanders, Biden, Bloomberg, Warren, or whoever. The issue is a fair and democratic process that allows all nominees the right to run their campaign without being strapped with undue criticism that effectively hamstrings someone like Sanders. Someone who is fighting against the very critics who are linked to the Democratic National Committee and corporate powers across the political spectrum.

The issue really is whether or not we continue down the same road we’ve be going down for at least the past 50 years. More swamp, more failed promises, more debt and on and on is what the establishment of both parties promise. It is time that America faces up to the fact that our government as it is run today does not take the common people’s needs into consideration any longer.

While Sanders certainly has issues, at least he is standing up and saying a correction is in order. One that requires the wealthy one percent to pay their fair share of taxes. One that thinks healthcare is a right and not a privilege. One that believes party elites need to stop doing the same thing over and over even in light of the fact that America is dying. Something has to be done to right the ship as it were. Whether it is Sanders now, or someone in the near future. America needs its people to stand up and say enough is enough while there is still time.

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