Living Large in Carson City:

Note: This was an unfinished blog post that was trite and out of date before I finished it.

“You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” Daniel Patrick Moynihan

One has to wonder just what Trump hopes to achieve with his comical assault on the American judicial system, and his onslaught of court filings to invalidate the 2020 presidential electoral process. At this point in early December with a 1 and 39 record of wins to losses, not even he can hold out hope for a turnaround. Yet, his clown posse of lawyers led by Rudy Giuliani continue to file away hoping against hope that something sticks, and the golden path to the Supreme Court suddenly appears as a shining yellow brick road to a successful appeal, any appeal, that will change the outcome.   

It won’t. He knows it. America knows it. We should never forget that Trump is the Energizer Bunny of the  Grift, and nothing is at it seems. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the bogus court cases brought by the hyper rabid lawyers like Giuliani and Sidney “Release the Kraken” Powell are little more than smoke screen builders in a much larger game plan. They have been entrusted with whipping the masses into the proverbial frenzy to keep alive the malignant virus of Trumpism as the president and his minions layout an even more devious plot behind the scenes. 

When the final disputed state election was certified this week, giving Biden and insurmountable win, common sense would dictate even the most fervent forever Trump Republican would stand down and accept the inevitable. Yet, the opposite appears more likely than the one based on common sense. Republicans are reluctant to stand up and openly condemn the president’s actions, possibly fearing some twist of fate that might actually allow him to stay in office. The party leadership shows no signs of changing course as evidenced by their will to keep the status quo. It seems obvious that Phase I of Trump’s plan to subvert democracy is quickly coming to an end with an even darker game plan about to be put into effect. 

Let’s play the Pardon Game. This past week Trump did what many thought was inevitable when he pardoned serial liar Michael Flynn. Flynn not only lied, but admitted he lied before taking back his confession, and Attorney General William Barr withdrew charges against him. Flynn not only lied but worked with Russian operatives to subvert the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. It is obvious at this point that Flynn was taking the rap for Trump and his administration to keep the president’s name and character out of the headlines. Last week’s pardon was simply payback on the president’s part to a loyal foot soldier who did his job and now wants to come in from the cold. 

Yet, as many things in the Universe of Trump, normal rules don’t apply. Most people staring into years of incarceration in Leavenworth, but who had dodged the bullet of lying to the FBI and playing footsies with the Russians, would fold their tents and scuttle off into the darkness never to be heard of again. However, these are not “normal” times, and these are not patriots of the Republic. Today, Flynn tweeted a press release that became a full page advertisement in the Washington Times from the  Ohio-based “We The People Convention” calling for Trump to declare limited martial law and hold a new election under the scrutiny of the U.S. military. He joins other military personnel like retired Air Force three-star general Thomas McInerney who  also recently called for martial law. Troubling, no?

Additionally, like any good Greek tragedy chorus, there are the voices that linger beyond the din and supply their own measure of heinous opportunism.

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