Living Large in Carson City: Forget It Kids the NRA Needs the Sales Edition

The above video clip is from  the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence; the only LGBTQ site dedicated to sane gun control. Of course, the problem is how does Congress and Donald Trump define sane. This video makes a simple point, but one that is telling. The National Rifle Association (NRA) cares nothing about children. There focus is promoting gun sales no matter how much they posture and proclaim their dedication to responsible gun ownership. Responsible gun ownership coming out of the mouths of NRA spokesmen and women is oxymoronic at best and criminal at worst as they continue to fight tirelessly for guns that can only be defined as killing machines.

The NRA is beyond clueless on this topic. Had their leadership a scintilla of intelligence, they would be farsighted enough to understand that unless they get on board the popular bandwagon of sane gun control, they are going to be left behind. They should be tirelessly working for a consensus among all groups that would curb ownership of some types of assault weapons, expanded background checks and limiting access of mentally ill people to firearms across the board. These are not Second Amendment attacks, but simple sane measures to attempt to control individuals from carrying out mass shootings. No matter how many times Wayne LaPierre says that the government is coming to take away your guns, it isn’t true.

Now, surprisingly, yesterday, Trump went off his meds again and slipped into his own alternative reality, but in a more confusing manner than anyone at a Washington conference table thought was possible. Watch the Republican congressman field this question from Trump and the president’s response:

This is only one minute of a free-wheeling gun debate and news conference of a much longer circus spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. There is so much to unpack that it’s hard to decide where to start. Put aside the low hanging fruit like Trump’s claim that “they (the NRA) has less power over him” than the Congress members seated at the table. Throw out his claim that he said to NRA officials, “fellows we gotta’ do something” while simultaneously proclaiming the NRA is “well-meaning”.   Or the ironic statement, “When it comes to mental health issues, we have to do what is right.” As if his stream of consciousness rambling remarks are a standard for sane mental health thoughts.

No, throw all of those wild proclamations out and jump to the last part of his mental health comments where he says,

I like taking the guns early . . . to go to court would have taken a long time. You can do exactly what you are saying but take the guns first (and) go through due process second.

It just a guess, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there were a lot of NRA officials and members nationwide who had to change their underwear when Trump made those comments. Think about the implications. He is literally saying take people’s guns away without due process. Granted, he is referring to mentally ill people, but the NRA and Congress have long supported removing any restrictions on the mentally ill acquiring guns, and unfortunately, using them to kill innocent people.

The question has to be asked, “Who was Trump channeling?” The faces of the people around the table were a mix of incredulity, stark astonishment, disbelief, and for some, snickers and outright laughter. The entire scenario gives credence to the claim that Trump is somewhat unbalanced. He took the arguments of gun rights activists and went rogue on them along with Republicans and the NRA.

It is safe to say, among hard-line NRA members, the Congressmen and women whose votes are bought by the gun lobby, gun rights’ activists, and even most advocates of stricter gun laws, that taking peoples’ guns away without due process is an anathema. How did Trump end up there?

What next? Trump admits that Mexico won’t build the wall?