Living Large in Carson City: Wondering where the lions are

Jerad Amanda Miller Joker Harley Quinn

The world turns and crazy gets crazier. The domestic terrorist husband and wife team of Jerad and Amanda Miller have roots in the subversive patriot movement that the nation saw up close and little too personal with the Cliven Bundy fiasco a couple of months ago. Now, it appears the Millers ran amok recently when they entered a Las Vegas pizza restaurant and cold-bloodedly gunned down two police officers, and later, a Walmart customer who tried to stop them with a legally carried concealed weapon, which doesn’t bode well for gun rights activists who claim concealed carry laws cure everything from the common cold to small egos.

There is evidence that the Millers moved to Las Vegas recently and took part in the Bundy ranch farce that pitted a band of malcontents playing soldier with Bureau of Land Management officers as targets. What is ironic, however, is the way the group has turned against the couple for, in their words,  “beginning the  revolution”. In a Raw Story article posted today, it is almost comical to read how members of the Bundy coven do everything within their power to distance themselves from the two dead terrorists. Almost comical if it were not so pathetic of an attempt to justify their actions and gloss over the  fact that the rhetoric Bundy followers used in the BLM standoff is not all that different from the Millers. The intent was there but not the dreadful actions the the Millers used. Still, the Bundy group is making it plain that the Millers were asked to leave when they found out that Jerad had a criminal background and dabbled in illegal drugs.

This appears to be akin to  the pot calling the kettle black and a difference between the Millers and militia groups merely a matter of degree. In an article in Newsweek, one researcher into human rights had this to say about the militia phenomenon:

The anti-government movement is nothing new. “This is a continuing, recurring phenomenon in the American political landscape, one that ties into both a hatred of American government as it’s conceived by them as well as a deep-seated gun culture,” said Devin Burghart, vice president of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, who has studied extremist groups in America for years.

Hatred is hatred. The Millers’ actions are not surprising in retrospect. Take two parts ideological lunacy, one part gun toting crazies and add artificial stimulants, whether it is alcohol or illegal drugs, mix well and viola! You  have an act of terrorism that stuns the nation. One wonders how close the militia at Bundy’s ranch came to opening fire on the BLM officials who had the good sense to avoid a confrontation.

However, the real issue is when will it happen again?