Living Large in Carson City: Shut Your Pie Hole Lori. Get Your Facts Straight Edition

Lori Bakker: Liberals Want To Lock Christians ‘Away In Mental Illness Centers’

By Kyle Mantyla | March 2, 2018 10:33 am
 It’s amazing to me that Jim Bakker chose to clone his first wife, Tammy Faye, and come up with his present partner, Lori. Lori seems at least as unhinged as Tammy Faye, but without the panache. Regardless, she and Jim continue the fleecing of American Christians with skewed logic and fear mongering derived from their perusal of the Bible’s questionable wisdom and dubious historical provenance. Here Lori actually makes a true statement, but not for the reasons she thinks.
It is true in the late 18th and early 19th centuries (like today) that some women when their bodies went through postpartum depression after giving birth or during the change of life demonstrated irrational behavior and tremendous mood swings. So much so, their husbands, rather than deal with them with loving understanding, shipped them off to insane asylums for “the cure”, which was never going to happen. Lori Bakker would want her flock of sheep to  assume that liberals are going to do the same thing to Christians. However, their is a fallacy in Lori’s cognitive process. 
The fact of the matter was when women were shipped off to insane asylums it wasn’t because they were mentally incompetent. No, it was due to the patriarchal society in which they lived where women were thought of as possessions and were treated with little or no respect. The men took their lead from where? The Bible, of course, which requires women to be subservient to their men (masters) and not make waves or disrupt the status quo. Basically, when the “old girl” went a little daft, they shipped her off to the asylum and get on with their lives.
Several of America’s early women writers during that era took up this topic to shine a light on how basically inhumane it was. Kate Chopin is one of the best. Read the short story, The Story of an Hour, to see the human trap that women endured as they found themselves, often in loveless marriages, with no recourse except death or their husband’s death. Widowhood was often the best world that women could hope for to escape this viscous environment.
While Chopin is a great source, the go to authority on this topic is Charlotte Perkins Gilman and her creepy, short story masterpiece, The Yellow Wallpaper. Gilman suffered postpartum depression after giving birth to one of her children. Her husband eventually shipped her off to an asylum and one of the leading “authorities” dealing with this subject at the time. It didn’t go well. Gilman eventually escaped both the doctor, the asylum and her husband and went on to become one of the leading advocates for women’s rights and suffrage in the early 20th century. (Listen and read this short, fascinating account of Gilman’s life)
So, Lori wants it both ways. She wants to trash liberals while whipping up her naive constituency into believing that fake, historical “news” applies to them. She blatantly disregards the facts of the issue while inadvertently bashing women for a practice that the church she supports and the god she believes in are really the culprits.
Dumb can’t be fixed.