Living Large In Carson City: The Art of Bullying Trump Style Edition

Can Trump top last week’s families in crises at the border debacle?

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First, the answer to the question at the top of the page; “Can Trump top last week’s families in crises at the border debacle?” Of course he can. It’s Donald Trump. Trump is a man who lives on controversy, lies and disruption. His actions and words are those of a man with serious ego problems. Most sane Americans have a hard time watching, but still do, because it creates such a visceral reaction in our inner most psyches. Most of my closest friends feel this way. To me, it is nearly impossible to sit back and acknowledge what is going on in our country without reacting. Some of Trump’s shenanigans evoke reactions from mildly irritated to screaming monkey tantrums.

In an article published by PolitiZoom titled Trump Makes Veiled Threat to Protesters/Opponents, Hypocrisy Never Stronger, Jason Miciak discusses a sit down interview by Fox News’ reporter, Maria Bartiromo, and Trump while the ghouls that are tumbling around in Trump’s head prepare to start the week. Bartiromo is no investigative reporter with her sights on uncovering injustices or even standing up for the common American. She can be likened a lazy tennis player who would rather lob her return back to  a better player across the net. And lob she did.

When she wasn’t all but groveling at the Orange One’s feet, she made an attempt to delve into real life events that were all the rage last week. Of course, discussing the public shaming of some of his key administration officials, primarily Miller (the architect), Nielsen (the implementer), and  Sanders (the enabler), was high up on her list. Never mind the uproar at the inhumanity going on at the Texas border.  The above trio was responsible for Jefferey Beauregard Sessions’ “zero tolerance” fubar that didn’t work out as planned. Once Trump fielded that question, things kind of went south on him.

Trump’s answer was both laughable in its hypocrisy, and eerie in its slyly sinister-nature:

“I hope the other side realizes that they better just take it easy. They better just take it easy because some of the language used, some of the words used, even some of the radical ideas I really think they are very bad for the country,” PolitiZoom

I share Miciak’s surprise that Trump would threaten any American’s First Amendment Rights. True, some people found the protesters’ actions one step over the line of civility, but really? Miciak goes on to point out that “shaming, vilifying and harassing” the opposition is right out of Trump’s organizational playbook. And it is the act and words of a bully. He has said things in his “campaign rallies” that are both hurtful and dangerous in their intent. Crooked Hillary, evil Mexicans hell bent on “infesting” the United States, mocking a handicapped reporter, the list goes on and on.

One thing is certain, Trump is helping energize the rest of the country to fight back and not allow him to run rough shod over the Constitution and the rights we all share in common as Americans. Yet, the fact that he is emboldened enough to issue veiled threats on national television should give everyone pause. The only way to combat a dictator wanna’ be (bully) is to stand up to them and voice our objections. This is the critical issue facing America today. Not North Korea. Not trade tariffs. Not “zero tolerance” immigration. Not hurting people’s feelings who are trying to tear down this great country from the inside out. It is taking a stand and being willing to fight for what is right and just.